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For more than 15 years, we’ve been leading the way across South Florida— creating the best possible customer experience since 2006.

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Our pool services and creations all have a 10 year warranty. Call us for more info on this!

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With over 15 years in the industry, we are confident we have the expertise to make the pool of your dreams.

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Once the site visit is complete, we will provide an estimated timeline of your project, and deliver within that time frame.

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Meet the Owners

Julio and Yerly have the father & daughter relationship that everyone imagines. When Julio began his pool maintenance side job in 1990, he had no idea that in the future, his own little girl would be right by his side managing and marketing his business in the future.

Dedicated to service pool needs of South Florida, they set out to be the best pool maintenance company, and pool creators they could possibly be.

While growing up Yerly was always her dad and watching him make pools, maintain them, refurbish them, etc. She always loved the work that went into it, and of course, the final result!

Her father, Julio, took notice of this, and as she got older exposed her to the business side of creating these beautifully structured pieces of architecture.

While Julio handled the operations and the heavy decision making, Yerly focused on the web + marketing side of the business such as web development and advertising.

In 2006, Julio Jorge officially launched Champion Quality Pools Finishes, the premier pool service for backyard enthusiasts around the city.

To this day, Julio and Yerly enjoy their summers planning and tanning in their backyard ready to create a new clients dream pool.

Co-Owner John Doe

Julio Jorge

With over 25 years experience in industry, Julio has worked on pools since he arrived to US in 1990. He started company in 2006 from scratch in Miami, FL. Self-operating for one year, Julio was able to grow his staff to 8 top of the line employees. He has been described as generous, caring, ambitious and hard working.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Yerly Jorge

Yerly grew up helping her dad with the business, and worked with the company since 2014. She has been described as passionate, goal oriented, and has a background in project management. With a Bachelors in Finance, she helps crunch the numbers, and she is on her way to a Construction Management Masters degree.

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